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"Fiber ProTector of Norway is the most effective line of defense against stains, spills and soil."

-- FTS Inc. Treatment facility
Little Rock, Arkansas

Fiber ProTector offers/provides/affords/assures a level of continuous defense not found with other protectors. Harsh chemicals, aggressive cleaners, and cleaning more than necessary will strip traditional protectors. However, textiles treated with Fiber ProTector will eliminate the need for harsh cleaning chemicals, aggressive cleaning, and frequent cleaning. With responsible maintenance and care nothing has been proven to last longer than Fiber ProTector. Protecting your carpets, oriental rugs, furnishings, window treatments, bedspreads, outdoor patio furniture, apparel or interior of cars, recreational vehicles, boats and personal aircraft will keep them looking new longer. Fiber ProTector prolongs the overall lifespan of what it is applied to and reduces the amount of cleanings needed. Think of Fiber ProTector as a level of insurance on the textiles that its applied to.