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“Our custom hand built wool carpet is not complete until treated with Fiber ProTector. We want our distinctive carpet to retain its original appearance for as long as possible and there is no better shield from the rigors and abuse of an active aircraft cabin.
We encourage our aerospace customers to treat all of their textiles with this great product"

-- Paul W. V'Soske, CEO and founder, PWV Sudios, Ltd.

Fiber ProTector can be applied to apparel to prevent garments from being damaged or ruined from food, wine, make up and soil. Designer or custom made clothing, silk ties, suede or leather handbags, shoes and accessories and wedding gowns are all items that can be treated with Fiber ProTector. We can protect these things while we are applying to carpets and furnishings or for those smaller items or those that prefer to do themselves, we offer an aerosol can.
Car Headlight
Car Headlight