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“We chose to make the Fiber ProTector our standard fabric protection treatment, as it offers superior protection over the chemicals we used in the past without changing the appearance, texture or integrity of the quality
materials we install in our Corporate Aircrafts"

-- Brandi Bradley Taylor
Supervisor, Interior Design, Dassault Falcon Jet

Couple in RVFiber ProTector has a long standing relationship protecting nautical items. It’s been applied to pleasure boats, yachts and cruise ships. The sun and UV fade reduction and spot, soil clean up make it an essential finishing touch on any watercraft. Rough waters and guests causing spills are no longer a concern when Fiber Protector is applied.

Dessault Falcon Jets and other premiere private aircraft manufactures choose Fiber ProTector for their aircraft interiors. It can be applied to suede or fabric headliners, wall fabric, seats, carpet and other soft and decorative interior finishes. It allows for quick easy cleaning between charters or flights. Turbulence resulting in food or drink are spills no longer a worry.

Luxury car and family vehicle owners are busy multi-tasking during their hectic lives, even using their cars as mobile offices. Often times meals and beverages are consumed on the road. Coffee, colored drinks and food can easily spill with a sudden stop. Preserve your car interior by having Fiber ProTector applied so there is quick clean up and no permanent staining if a misshap occurs.