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“Our custom hand built wool carpet is not complete until treated with Fiber ProTector. We want our distinctive carpet to retain its original appearance for as long as possible and there is no better shield from the rigors and abuse of an active aircraft cabin.
We encourage our aerospace customers to treat all of their textiles with this great product"

-- Paul W. V'Soske, CEO and founder, PWV Sudios, Ltd.

  • Furniture/UpholsteryUpholstery
  • Couches, Chairs, Ottomans, Dining Room Chairs
  • Oriental/Wool Area Rugs
  • Duvet/ Bedspreads, Heirloom Quilts and Decorative Pillows
  • Drapery

    All carpets and upholstery protected when new or not, will require maintenance. While Fiber ProTector will not keep spills, and soil from occurring to carpet or furnishings, the spill and soil cannot attach to the fiber. It will allow easy stain removal and reduced intervals of deep cleaning fiber; thereby achieving considerable savings in cleaning and refurbishment costs. The net effect is that the original appearance can be maintained by good household hygiene.

    Drapery, curtains and other soft window treatments can benefit from application of Fiber ProTector. It will improve cleaning and vacuuming results and aid in protecting the material from sun and UV fade. Fiber ProTector is also a great addition to bed spreads, duvets, dust ruffles, decorative throw pillows, and cloth lamp shades.